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Обзорная экскурсия по Куала Лумпуру


Уютные каюты для экономных путешественников, расположенные вблизи мест активных развлечений. В номере оборудована удобная система хранения одежды, душевая комната и кондиционер. Для ребенка в возрасте от 7 лет требуется отдельное место в каюте, как для взрослого.

Уютные каюты для экономных путешественников, расположенные вблизи мест активных развлечений. В номере оборудована удобная система хранения одежды, душевая комната и кондиционер. Для ребенка в возрасте от 7 лет требуется отдельное место в каюте, как для взрослого.

День 1
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
День 2
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
День 3
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
День 4
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
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Sea Serpent Serena was designed to cater specifically for divers who want to dive the Red Sea in small groups. This luxury liveaboard is 33 meters long can accommodate groups up to 18, in 9 en-suite cabins. The liveaboard has a large lounge for cozy evenings & an amazing sky view fly deck for enjoying evenings after great dives in the Red Sea. The personalized service onboard and the excellent value for money that will make Sea Serpent Serena a favorite boat for liveaboard groups.

5 twin bed cabins and 1 double bed cabin are on the lower deck and 3 additional cabins are on the upper deck, including 1 double bed cabin and 2 cabins with twin beds. Individually controlled air-conditioning, en-suite facilities as well as towels and bathrobes are standard in all cabins.

Bathrooms & Toilets

All our motor vessel have ensuite shower facilities for your comfort. Bathroom towels are provided to our guests as well as bathrobes.

Still, we recommend bringing your own towel for use outside the cabin.

Please don’t use too much shampoo and soap because shower water eventually ends up in the sea. It is better to buy world known ecologically friendly products that don’t affect the environment. Please help us preserve nature.

Please don’t throw anything in the toilet bowls, including toilet paper and sanitary pads, to avoid toilet blocks and damage to the eco system. Garbage bins are placed in the toilets especially for that purpose.

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Dive center

We have:

— Dive guide onboard: YES / 1-2
— Tenders / outboards: 2 x 30 HP
— Number of Compressors: 3
— Compressors Capacity: 400 L / Min
— Nitrox Membrane: 500 L / Min
— Rebreather: YES
— Booster Pump: NO
— Courses and Nitrox onboard: YES
— Certifying agency: SSI
— Areas Covered: Area I, II
— Charging Station: YES
— Equipment Rental: YES
— Spare Equipment: YES


We need from each diver an actual diving certification and a medical form to be filled.

Number of dives is depending on itinerary, usually 3-4 dives a day. In the Marine Parks, night dives are prohibited.


All dives non-decompression dives.

In case of emergency, we have a 50 litre oxygen tank and a medic first aid box onboard of all liveaboards in our fleet. We suggest that you make a special insurance in case of a diving accident that covers the expenses of the hyperbaric chamber and medical evacuation.


DECO International Chamber Support Program.

It is possible to purchase onboard for the price of 7€, D.E.C.O. International (diving emergency center organization) cards that cover the first hyperbaric chamber treatment in case of a diving accident. This card is valid for 2 weeks from date of issue. We recommend you to have your own medical insurance as well.


It is mandatory that each diver has the following equipment and papers:

Dive computer, surface signaling device (SMB), snorkel, diving certificate, a regulator with alternate air source, torch (for night dives), a weight belt or integrated weight jackets.

Rental equipment is not normally available onboard. If you need any rental equipment, please contact us at least two weeks prior to the sailing, so we can ensure equipment is onboard for you.

We also suggest that you should have the most important spare parts with you like mask and fin straps and the repair kit for your type of regulator. Please think as well about batteries, seals and bulbs for your torch.


Nitrox is available free of charge on board our vessels.
Please bring along your Nitrox certification.

Nitrox courses can be completed on board. Ask your guide for details.


We offer SSI courses on all of our boats. The digital learning system of SSI has many advantages, you can start studying at home and therefore save time to enjoy on board.

The most popular courses we conduct are Advanced Open Water course and Specialities like Nitrox, Deep Diving, Wreck Diving and so on. Please feel free to contact us in case of interest in any further education.


On Marine Park destinations, the dive guides are entitled to stop you from going on certain dives, or the routing might be subject to change accordingly.

Equipment Prices

Number of rooms

  • 1 DBL cabin on the sun deck
  • 2 TWIN cabins on the sun deck
  • 5 TWIN cabins on the lower deck
  • 1 DBL cabin on the lower deck

Number of Cabins, Beds, Guests: 9 C, 17 B, 18 G
En-suite bathrooms, Mini-bar: YES, NO
Cabin amenities: towels, bathrobes: T, B

Yacht services and amenities

  • Audio-visual station: DVD, video, TV, CD: YES
  • Lounge/dining room: separated, joined: separated
  • WiFi: 3G signal, FREE
  • Library: YES
  • Air Conditioning, Individual controls for A/C: YES
  • Public Bathrooms: 1
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