18 may - 25 may
Nights: 7
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Обзорная экскурсия по Куала Лумпуру


Уютные каюты для экономных путешественников, расположенные вблизи мест активных развлечений. В номере оборудована удобная система хранения одежды, душевая комната и кондиционер. Для ребенка в возрасте от 7 лет требуется отдельное место в каюте, как для взрослого.

Уютные каюты для экономных путешественников, расположенные вблизи мест активных развлечений. В номере оборудована удобная система хранения одежды, душевая комната и кондиционер. Для ребенка в возрасте от 7 лет требуется отдельное место в каюте, как для взрослого.

День 1
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
День 2
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
День 3
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
День 4
  • Прибываем на о. Каранос
  • Завтрак, инструктаж
  • 5 погружений
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18 may - 25 may

Safari from
2413 $
1500 $
Available: 11
18 may, sa
25 may, sa

Itinerary description

An exciting mix between submerged landscapes and breath-taking views. At the center of this long archipelago are situated, from east to west, three of the most famous atolls of Maldives: North Male, South Male and Ari.

The cruise sets out to the south, letting new divers get used to the comfortable temperatures of these waters with the exploration of a trawler which sank three decades ago, turned into a house for the typical micro fauna of these waters: needle fish and scorpion fish (Pterois volitans) inhabiting the outside decks and clefts full of glassfish. The fishermen Island of Gurahidoo is surrounded by dive sites that can give rivers of currents in the pass, in Dhivehi called ” Kandu “, which bring large predators like the typical white tip reef sharks and gray reef shark. Is not unusual to encounter large napoleons and green turtles (Chelonia midas) between the protrusions of Kandooma Thila.

The crossing to the west of South Ari atoll is often accompanied by large groups of dolphins.

These waters are characterized by rowley shoals dives, which in Dhivehi are called ” Thila “. They are particular because of the abundance of fish and coral gardens both hard and soft . In fact, Dhangheti area is famous for its spectacular dive sites such as 5 Rocks with its blue sea fans and Kuda Thila Raa with its schools of squirrelfish and yellow striped blue snappers, soft corals and long black coral whips.

Before sailing back to the central areas is a must trying to see, in true “safari” style, the great lord of this area, the whale shark. In the western part of the atoll, when dry winds blow from the north – east, there are several points where is easy to meet the great manta rays that come close to the reef to enjoy the many cleaning station rich of plankton.

The journey continues to north among the great coral tables and the famous shark point Radhigga Thila, Fish Head from the area of Maayafushi, where a night dive is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Leaving Bathala you can meet coral reefs, rich of large sharks and eagle rays, the small atoll of Rasdhoo, where in early morning you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of swimming in the blue ocean surrounded by bright particles of plankton, waiting to see hammerhead sharks on their return from the morning hunt.

The last afternoon is dedicated to Male, the capital of Maldives, to enjoy the vibrant colors of the fruit market and the crawling fish market and meet with some historical and cultural aspects of “the people who live without land.”

A typical day: 3 daily dives, plus extra nocturnals, with 4 experienced scuba guides; accompained snorkeling twice a day for non-divers, buffet meals, plus self service water and hot drink (extras feature a fine selection of wines, cocktails and mocktails).

Weekly highlights: beach bbq party, included nocturnal dive.

The itinerary below is an example of the planned route and dive sites cannot be guaranteed. All dives sites are subject to weather conditions and the final route taken is at the absolute discretion of the captain and dive guides. Routes can be affected by adverse weather conditions and unforeseen events, force majeure or other similar reasons.

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Yacht services and amenities

Services and facilities (some of them are not included in the cruise price and need an extra payment onboard):

  • An indoor air-conditioned restauranton main deck with food buffetand coffee corner
  • Full Board buffet style, with drinking water dispenser, American coffee & tea included free of charge
  • Indoor coffee corner in the restaurant area
  • Amazing panoramic lounge bar on captain’s deck with chairs and sofas
  • A fine selection of Italian and International beverages, wines and liquors (extra charge)
  • Lounge area at the prow on main deck and sitting area at stern
  • Spacious sundeck with sunbeds, a 5 seat Jacuzzi and a shower
  • Wi-Fi internet access (extra charge)
  • 40-inch LCD monitor and CD/DVD player in the restaurant
  • Bluetooth music player
  • Charging station with plugs adaptors
  • Beach towels, bath towels, soap, shower gel, shampoo, hairdryers
  • Maldivian fishing equipment on board
  • All safety equipment, included one automatic cardiac defibrillator

Daily schedule

  • DAY 1: Arrival
    • Your week will start on saturday, we"ll pick you at the airport.
    • A welcome cocktail is awaiting for you, with initial briefing, while our staff takes care of your luggage and prepares your cabin. Then, you"ll be able to relax after the long trip.
  • DAY 2 — 6: A typical day
    • 06:30: 1 dive

    • 08:00: breakfast

    • 10:30: 2 dive + accompained snorkeling for non-divers

    • 12:00: lunch

    • 15:00: 3 dive + accompained snorkeling for non-divers

    • 18:00: 4 dive

    • 19:30: dinner

  • DAY 7:
    • 2 dives in the morning depending on guest flight schedules and the 24 hour requirement before flying.
  • DAY 8:
    • Unfortunately our trip has come to an end and we have to say goodbye, but we hope to see you again soon!

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Veronika Birman
on vessel Sachika
На яхте очень душевная команда. Круиз-директор Дани - огонь! Обалденно кормят! Чисто и очень уютно. Чуть много ароматизатора в каютах, в остальном - яхта ухожденная, всё с любовью и заботой.
Travel period: mar'2020

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